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Meet the Founder

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The fact that you decided to visit  is a true honor!


My name is Dr. Bionca W. Shy aka "Dr. Bee". I've always set my heart and mind on positive motivation, inspiration and honor which essentially sparked my enthusiasm about creating the Funk Diva brand.  


I'm a mother of two beautiful yet energetic kids, full-time clinical pharmacist, and proud native of New Orleans, LA.  As an adolescent growing up in one of the largest black communities in the city,  The Lower Ninth ward, I was reared within a strong loving family and church. Nonetheless,  elements of drugs, crime, and violence plagued various parts of my neighborhood and ended the lives of some of my closest love ones, the most important of all, my father. As a direct witness of both the positive and negative aspects that permeated my city,  my goal was to always live a positive purposeful-driven life and be an instrument of change and inspiration in my environment.   

My first mission as a young girl was to pursue a career in pharmacy where I would be able to diligently serve my society via healthcare . So while in high school, I took college courses related to the field and through many obstacles and life changes, successfully completed my college career at Xavier University of Louisiana in 2010 as a Doctor of Pharmacy immediately followed by a Post-Graduated Year 1 (PGY-1)  Pharmacy Practice Residency in Atlanta, GA. My career has brought so many rewards and I'm forever indebted and humble to serve through it.


So I  can say, my life transitioned in a smooth progressive sequence throughout my early adult life  . I went on to establish my career, marry, and start a family.  However, after moving back to my hometown in 2014 from Atlanta, GA, I realized I was missing some important pieces of the puzzle in my purpose. God had taken me on a journey (still in progress) that would awaken me to a new calling after undergoing the devastating lost of several close relatives and a marital separation/divorce- A woman called to serve as a unique creative writer and visionary.  My love for editorial/inspirational  writing, visual arts, and simply just being an all-around woman sparked my passion to develop Funk Diva. My goal is to share the brand in a unique way with the entire world while also providing a platform for other like-minded individuals to market their gifts, values, and talents. 

Funk Diva's focus is on highlighting progressive women across all forms of society making great strides as a whole.This space is uniquely designed and will always include fun, positive and creative thought-provoking inspiration!  I hope through this digital platform that you are fiercely inspired to walk on your journey as a true visionary and carryout the unique life purpose that God has imparted into your spirit! 

My mantra: "Honor Confers a Crown" 

Dr. Bionca W. Shy​

Founder of Funk Diva 

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