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AnJae Monea Bethley

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Atlanta, GA AnJae Monea Luxury Wigs and Hair Extensions “The Royal Collection”

Fashion and Beauty has always been the way most women express their uniqueness. In this era, many young women (including teens) are now using their creativity in these arenas more than ever to socially influence and launch brands that exemplify bold expression and style. One millennial that comes to mind is Ms. AnJae Monea Bethley-she’s young and vogue!

Photo provided by AnJae Monea

AnJae Monea was born in New Orleans, LA in August 2000. As a true millennial, she always had a unique and outgoing persona as a child that drew family and others to her like a magnet. She had a very short upbringing in New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina forced her family to relocate to Atlanta, GA in 2005 where she currently resides.

Growing up amongst the eccentric flare of Atlanta’s fashion scene coupled with serial entrepreneurs in the hair and beauty industry, AnJae developed a love for the two early on. She would set trends at school, particularly with her edgy and bold hairstyles and clothing that many of her peers had grown to model. During years at McEachern High School (Powder Springs, GA), she was the Founder and President of the Hair & Makeup Team and the Fashion Club under FIDM where she did model coaching as well. The fashion club consisted of a wide variety of contributors including designers, marketers, bloggers and models. In April of 2018, she worked with the entire team to orchestrate their 1st fashion show at the high school. AnJae had also launched her hair extensions business years prior around the age of fifteen and mentioned, “It was my love and creative passion for the hair industry and the open market for a young teen like myself to build a BIG business starting with peers at school who were some of my biggest supporters.”

AnJae graduating from high school in May 2018 with various recognition. She had several offers to attend fashion school but decided to hold off briefly to continue her entrepreneurship efforts she had started as a young teen, “I’ve always had a desire to be great at business and being my own boss since a child, so I made a tough decision to continue my personal pursuit with my hair brand.” She re-branded her custom hair extensions line AnJae Monea-The Royal Collection in 2018, which now provides luxury custom wigs and extension for local and international sales.


Q & A

BS: Being introduced to business at such a young age, what truly kept you interested in this area?

AM: I’m attracted to lifestyle & brand. To see people come from very little to creating a millionaire lifestyle has always been intriguing for me. I don’t come from a rich family but seeing my parents take what they had to get to what they want is a true inspiration. My mother & father are entrepreneurs and I feel good about continuing the family legacy and showing my small siblings that they can achieve whatever they dream of.

BS: Were you ever concerned about the challenges and/or disappointments that come with pursuing business straight out of high school?

AM: Yes, some of my biggest challenges so far have been creative content, consistency, and sometimes simply the desire to keep pushing when sales don’t happen after a lot of promoting . I had the thoughts that everyone I knew would automatically support me. However, after launching the business I learned quickly that friends & family won’t always ( if at all ) be my biggest supporters. That was a huge disappointment for me because my expectations to gain support and investment from the ones closest to me was so high. In reality, it took me really pushing the brand no matter what and connecting with a group of loyal clients that have kept me encouraged.

BS: What influencers inspired you in fashion and your current pursuits?

AM: My favorite designer is Coco Chanel. I love her originality. As far as the hair industry, Alonzo Arnold has been a big influence with the quality of his work. I’ve looked up to Minglee the owner of “Snobb Life” seeing her grow her brand while bringing a new light to the industry. My mother has also been the greatest influence in my life because she is an amazing hair stylist at heart and dynamic inspiration as a leader in entrepreneurship to women all around the world.

AnJae Monae’s luxury hair brand has been recognized by some key women influencers /celebrities including Jewel Tankard, celebrity businesswoman, author, evangelist and reality TV star. She plans to be a millionaire by the age of twenty-three and to continue making a positive impact in the women fashion and beauty industry.

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