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Arlene “Hurricane Arlene” Culpepper

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Lafayette, LA

Publicist, Writer, and Magazine Editor

MIKODreamz Ventures, LLC

“Hurricane Arlene “ is a native of Louisiana and an entrepreneur, publicist, writer, editor and paralegal. She has always been noted for fusing her love for her community, animal and youth causes with the entertainment industry.  As the CEO of MIKODreamz Ventures, LLC which is the parent company of MIKODreamz PR and 504 Diffusion she has played a huge role in artist development throughout Louisiana and abroad and has featured

many artists in publications as The Heat Magazine, where she is Co-Owner & Asst. Editor-In-Chief. She currently serves as Media Advisor to the New Orleans Union of Entertainment and The NOLA HipHop Awards. Sheʼs also a faithful member of the New Orleans Press Club and NALA.

The dynamic mix of passion, skill and flavor that Hurricane Arlene contributes to her field has played an integral role in her success both in the

music/entertainment industry and her community. She has launched and collaborated with several local artists like the late BTY YoungN, Mr. Meana of PNC, and J-Dawg of Black Menace (to name a few) aiding in their development and entertainment exposure. Her most recent accolade was served by A Celebration of Women Louisiana for her phenomenal community impact.


Q &A

BS: What motivated you to pursue a PR/artist management career?

AC: Iʼd always promised myself that if there was any way to help some of my favorite New Orleans music artists gain more notoriety, that I would – and that came to me in the form of several of my favorite legends (PNC and Black Menace). Iʼve been a writer for most of my life, so I sort of fell backwards into what I do, thanks to a handful of people (mostly Hollygrove natives Mr. Meana of PNC, J-Dawg of Black Menace and Devious). My very first PR clients I worked with consisted of an energetic young group out of Hollygrove. I admired their hustle and the life they brought to the local entertainment scene so much, that I made a career out of it. I then worked with a set of artists that I needed to see “make it” and was willing to do whatever it took. Through hard work, blood, sweat, and tears (LOL), I, along with a few other key players, were able to help make a difference. Louisiana is a hard place to grow up for many. My end goal is to be instrumental in creating opportunities where there once were few. Our artists are special just like our culture. I want those roses growing out of concrete to end up being the most beautiful flowers ever.

BS: The Future of MIKODreamz Ventures LLC?

AC: We will still be working hard to assist businesses and brands to showcase their work to the world. Most importantly, we plan to be in a working, custom built community center that will assist children and their families to become the best they can be, while exceling in school/careers, building successful minority and female owned businesses, bringing value to their communities, and fighting blight...We need to ensure our kids can continue grow up there (in safe and historically culture-rich New Orleans communities) and help to foster that growth, while keeping them safe and allowing them to flourish. No child should ever be left behind because of policies and politics that benefit a rare few. MIKODreamz hopes to become an instrumental part of that endeavor, by any means necessary.

Arlene is the TRUTH! With her sweet yet fiery edge and love for the entertainment industry and community, she brings a variety of flavor and positivity to everyone around her. She is the paragon of her field and a true FUNK DIVA!

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