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Christine Shalaby Abdelmalek

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Orange County, California

Puppy Apparel Line CEO

Pink Papyrus Co.

“Your pups are an extension of yourself and definitely members of your family. Accessorize your pups the way you would yourself, and always remember, the sidewalk is your runway!”-Christine

The grasp of this unique philosophy and sense of style surely solidifies the ole saying, “A dog is a man’s [also woman’s] best friend!" Several decades ago, one may have never considered the benefit of incorporating fashion in the care of their pups. Most owners provided the fundamental necessities such as grooming, feeding, bathing and walking and for the most part that usually sufficed. However, according to Christine Shalaby Abdelmalek, "Out with the old and in with the colorful fashion forward..." This was a concept she coined and was profoundly committed to launching a movement for the modern day pup!

How It All Got Started!

Raised in New Orleans, LA by a family of physicians, Christine always had a unique passion for impacting the world around her. She began her life pursuits toward a career in pharmacy where she studied and obtained a doctoral degree in 2010 at Xavier University of Louisiana. Not long after graduating, she married and carried her vivacious spirit and "Southern Charm" across the country to Sunny California where she would eventually start her pharmacy practice, birth her daughter, and cultivate new passions and pursuits.

After six years of working as a pharmacist and residing in her new town of Orange County, CA, Christine recalled having an unforgettable epiphany as she accompanied her husband (a practicing veterinarian) out shopping one afternoon:

“We saw a lady walking her dog, and out of nowhere the idea popped into my head...”

On that very day, Christine had a inclination to create a pet lifestyle brand that would offer stylish accessories and apparel for pups. Her husband‘s love for animals as a licensed veterinarian coupled with her passion to turn this one of a kind idea into reality, provided the fuel they needed to start Pink Papyrus!

Pink Papyrus was launched in 2016 and based in Orange County, CA as a lifestyle fashion brand for dog lovers and owners with a focus on organic and luxury style pup and dog accessories including: leashes, bandannas, waist bag holders, and slogan shirts. Christine believes, “Your pups are an extension of yourself and are definitely members of your family. Accessorize your pups the way you would yourself, and always remember, the sidewalk is your runway!”

Since its debut, Pink Papyrus has been building steady momentum in the pup fashion industry across the United States and abroad for the past three years. It‘s been featured in numerous magazines, blogs, and TV publications including: The Life She Has, The Pawlished Pup, Tails & Toys, Pet Age, Vogue, Tatler, House of Coco, Parenting OC, The Bump, Akron Ohio Moms, & Great Day Louisiana and more!

The Q&A

BS: What is the motivation behind Pink Papyrus? 

CA: We are driven to exemplify that dog gear and safety does not need to come at the expense of style. Even the furry four legged members of the family can be every bit as stylish as their human counterparts. Equally as important to both my husband and I, is to show our daughter that you can take an idea or a dream and make it a reality.

If you believe it, you can do it!

BS: What challenges have you faced while developing your brand in this unique puppy apparel industry? How do you set yourself apart from other similar brands? 

CA: The major challenge in the puppy lifestyle industry is simply where to start. How do you reinvent the wheel, or in our case, a leash. How do you take a staple pup product and turn it into something fabulous and fresh? These are questions that we brainstorm and focus on every single day. One of our central focuses is to be both fashionable and earth sustainable. We are proud to source organic and cruelty free materials for our products. 

BS: What major companies or leaders have been of great Influence and inspiration to you and why?

CA: Heard of Spanx anyone? When I think of boss babe inspiration, she’s it. Having worked several jobs and ultimately being successful at her sales job (she sold fax machines), she used her savings and set out to build what would eventually become her Spanx empire.

Look where she is today all because she stepped away from the “safe” path and into the unknown. Women all around the globe choose to follow their dreams every day. You and I can totally do it too! 

BS: What is one of your most memorable customer testimonies? 

CA: Our customers put smiles on our faces each and every day. We have customers who have been with us from day one, and that is honestly the most touching and complimentary testimony that you could ever receive. To have someone believe in your brand and stick with you as you grow, it just reaffirms that the products we create have a direct impact on the families and pups who use them. 

Christine is setting her mark with Pink Papyrus in the pup lifestyle and fashion industry. Not only has she continued to create fashion-forward styles, but she has also impacted families all across the country and abroad with her passion and ability to demonstrate that any idea can blossom into a unique and innovative household brand!

Christine Shalaby Abdelmalek owner of Pink Papyrus

Visit her on Facebook and Instagram: Pink Papyrus and @Pink_Papyrus which includes links to her website and more!

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