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Exquisite Moment: The Top 5 Cocktails for the Grown & Classy

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Janee Banks Owner of Exquisite Mixx Bartenders LLC

New Orleans, LA

As women our list of duties never end! Many of us are required everyday to balance the tasks of home, work, children, and business/entrepreneurship. Social events, whether causal, professional or formal, can often times be a chance to unwind from day-to-day challenges and just simply enjoy being an adult. Of course, having the right beverage selection can make things a lot easier at gatherings for those of us who opt to partake in cocktails every once in a while.

Whether you’re a host for an adult game night at home: a business, sports, wedding or carnival ball event or simply a guest; I’m here to provide five cocktail recommendations that compliment each affair. These tips are for the Grown & Classy so let’s get into it!


Inspire of Pomegranate Mojito

A combination of pomegranate seeds, lime juice, simple syrup, mint, soda water, and white rum; this decadent blend provides a refreshingly sweetish-tart taste and produces a deep purplish-red color. Since pomegranates are in season during fall and winter, this cocktail is the perfect compliment to an in-home social mixer or adult game night.


Try a unique blend of vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice, and cranberry juice for a classic beverage! The orange liqueur creates a sweet citrus flavor, the cranberry presents tartness, the sliced lime garnish offers a mild sour taste, and the vodka works to balance the entire blend.

If you’re the host for a business event, featuring the “Cosmo” as a signature cocktail will more than likely never go wrong.

Inspire of the Cosmopolitan

Inspire of Lemon Drop


This vodka-based cocktail has a lemony, sweet & sour flavor and is a simple mix. It’s prepared by using lemon juice, triple sec, simple syrup, and vodka. Give it a good shake over ice, strain and garnish with a slice of freshly cut lemon.

A Lemon Drop is very refreshing and compliments most foods served on Super Bowl Sunday. This cocktail would be my personal go to, especially for die-hard Saints fans (like myself) still fighting the agony associated with our unlawful defeat a couple of weeks ago in the Dome! So make it a Lemon Drop on this Sunday; it may help take the edge off at the game parties.

Inspire of Chambord Royale


A pink raspberry flavored fizzy that’s super easy to prepare with only two ingredients: Chambord and champagne with a raspberry garnish. This fancy beverage is perfect for wedding reception guests. If you’re a wedding planner, make sure you add this option to the bar menu.


This is a festive mixer! Fused with a combination of lime juice, lemon juice, cranberry juice, Cointreau, and dark rum with a splash of Sprite or lemon-lime soda; it’s just the thing you need if you’re into fruity drinks.

Inspire of Fat Tuesday Rum Runner

During this time of the year, thousands travel from across the country to New Orleans to take part in Mardi Gras festivities and balls. My recommendation goes to the Fat Tuesday Rum Runner as the signature drink for the carnival season!

A cocktail tends to make any social event successful in my opinion. In New Orleans culture, it’s a very important item to include on the beverage list when hosting parties and festivities!

My expertise as a bartender and passion for mixology supports these selections of cocktails exclusively for the Grown & Classy who may have no clue of what options they have.

Have a Great Weekend

NOTE: This is for inspirational purposes for event hostess and guests who choose to serve or partake in cocktails. All are advise to drink responsibly. If dealing with any form of alcohol addiction please seek professional advice.

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