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Female Fitness Enthusiast: A Constant Balancing Act!

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Danielle Mayo

Fitness Enthusiast

New Orleans, LA

I think for quite some time now, I’ve managed to make the balance of being a “fit mom” look relatively easy. Maybe because fitness was always an important part of my life prior to thoughts of becoming a mother.

Since a young girl, I always admired strong and beautiful women figures! From Wonderwoman and Xena: Warrior Princess, Tomb Raider to the Pink and Yellow Power Rangers, they all encapsulated this balance for me and became a significant part of what my identity as an adult would become.

As I was tasked to write about my experience of balancing a career, family and being a fitness enthusiast, it was important to approach this topic with authenticity, which prompted me to wonder if the perceived “balance” comes at a sacrifice of something else.

Is it truly possible to efficiently execute everything women are tasked with?

Is it truly possible to be 100% dedicated to our spouse, children, careers and hobbies without at least one being compromised?

I was led to evaluate my life now: I’ve matured, married and also have a growing son who requires different levels of support; I’ve found that priorities have shifted a bit. And while fitness is still super important to me, admittedly, I’m no longer as obsessed with having hard rock abs as much as care about making certain that my overall health is well, my career thrives, my son’s academics, athletic and artistic development is solid and my relationships with those I love remain whole.

So for me, I believe the true balancing act comes with communication and awareness of what you personally need, what those around you need and what’s at stake if all of those needs aren’t met. Only then can we effectively make the appropriate adjustments to our priorities when needed so we as women can ultimately be physically, mentally and emotionally whole.

Some tips I would offer women to support the balance are:

▪️Engage in physical activity with your family(bike rides, walking, etc.) ▪️Exercise while your child plays at the park ▪️Find a gym that offers child care ▪️Communicate with family members to assist with childcare while you work out ▪️Communicate with spouse, family members when you just simply need a break/personal time ▪️Trade social media usage for reading, journaling, goal-setting, etc. ▪️Develop solid, daily routines for child(ren)’s homework, dinner and bedtime to promote personal time and time with spouse and adequate sleep.

Danielle Mayo is a fitness enthusiast, wife, mom, and Health Education instructor from New Orleans, LA.

Follow: @_dan_ie on Instagram

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