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Gina M. Carter

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

New Orleans, LA


LipLock Cosmetics LLC

Donʼt just wish...EXECUTE! Itʼs imperative that you orchestrate a plan and work to turn your dreams into reality! When it came down to the ideas, funding, logistics, and creative flair in launching LipLock Cosmetics LLC, Gina M. Carter made it happen!

Gina was born and raised in “The Big Easy”-supported by a strong husband, parents, family and close friends but never took life as an easy street. She was raised to work diligently in every endeavor and always maintained a passion for helping others. In that legacy, she pursued a career in Medical Clerical Administration with years of experience in adult and pediatric medicine. However, Gina had a strong desire to operate her own business specializing in the arena of lip cosmetics. The motivation behind the LipLock Cosmetics brand is geared at advocating and fostering a spirit of confidence and beauty in women from all walks of society!



BS: What famous lipstick line are you inspired by and why?

GC: Rihanna, Iʼm in-love with her cosmetic line “Fenty” specifically the lipstick colors which are unique, vibrant and pure quality! I canʼt do without a good lipstick and my goal is to bring affordable high quality products to the market for the everyday woman with my LipLock brand!

BS: What does the future hold for LipLock Cosmetics?

GC: Iʼm just getting started but International makeup brand /artist.

LipLock Cosmetics LLC was established in August 2018 and debuting on November 17th 2018 in New Orleans, LA. The company is providing “All Things Lips” with a unique variety of mattes, glosses, and liners. Thereʼs no doubt! Gina holds the essence of a Funk Diva!

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