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Inspiring Niche: How college students can creatively use their talents to maximize social impact!

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Laura Jones

PharmD Candidate 2019

New Orleans, LA

“Empower yourself with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise,” said the flawless First Lady herself, Michelle Obama. As a college student and a soon to be pharmacist, I could have not said it any better. Education is fundamental in the development of learning. However, how you use education to impact others is the true measure of your success.

I have been in school for 25 years of my life, literally a quarter of a century. It’s weird to think that I’ve dedicated so much of my time toward my education. Much of my life or at least the last 4 years have been about studying, sleeping, eating, and studying more. Being college students, we tend to only think about the short-term goals of passing classes, so we can hurry to graduation. Sometimes we even forget about our talents focusing exclusively on test after test toward the finish line known as “the degree”. Of course, we acquire the degree to earn a great salary with hopes of living that fabulous, Beyoncé-type lifestyle. Correct? But how can us college students use our education to build both ourselves and our communities?

Laura Jones currently holds a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University of Louisiana and is a writer for a local New Orleans magazine.

We all have unique talents. Much of the time our talents might be completely different from our choice of major or professional title. Nonetheless, our talents and education work hand in hand- the talent(s) should strengthen the education and the education should amplify the talent(s). Creatively, use what you are good at in compliment to your professional knowledge to provide a profound impact!

All of this can be done by getting active in your community. First, you should ask yourself, “What am I good at? Second, “What changes would I like to see in my community?” Third, “How can I make a difference in people’s lives with my education and talents?”

Using resources such as social media to launch your message is a start. Social media can connect you to a variety of people and is a great way to brand yourself. For example, you can find creative ways to blog based on knowledge you have learned in school (i.e. Top 200 Drugs, Public Speaking styles, Business Principles 101 etc. ) to further educate others on an unfamiliar topic. Furthermore, you can use your talent to create fundraising events or social gatherings in your community (i.e. senior health fairs, dinner etiquette courses, women empowerment podcasts etc.) There are a myriad number of events that can be developed to positively impact a community or bring social awareness to a specific cause.

Remember, that behind every talented individual is a group of educated leaders. So let us continue to educate ourselves and use our talents to build a country worthy of boundless promise.

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