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Ireion “Yainne” Lewis

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

New Orleans, LA Jewelry Designer iCandy ArmCandy LLC

Funk Diva is the progressive woman who builds and uproots to impact her community in a very unique yet assertive way. She is a creative and comes with a fierce skill in her craft and it’s all centered toward her heart and passion!

Ireion “Yainne” Lewis is the CEO and Founder of iCandi ArmCandy LLC and has been showcasing her creative gifts for a while and most recently found her niche in customizing inspiring charm bracelets. In 2010, she founded iCandy LLC (initially a chocolate delights brand ), however, during that time she was periodically creating hand-crafted charm bracelets for close family and friends for 7 years prior to the launch of iCandy ArmCandy in Summer 2018. The motivation behind launching the new brand was not just centered on her love for fashion crafts but also became the life changing mechanism that guided her through an unforeseen tragedy.

Photo provided by Ireion Lewis owner of iCandy Armcandy

How the Charm Created Healing

In February 2018, Ireion was faced with the tragic lost of her eldest sister; a best friend and go-to she relied on in many ways her entire life. The tragedy precipitated an unforeseen cycle of grief that impacted her both mentally and spiritually. After spending a few brief months in counseling with two mental health professionals, she was almost convinced that there was no hope for healing. Nonetheless, with much dedication to find peace in the midst of her storm, she was advised to center in on her passions:

“My psychologist and I discussed ways for me to find an outlet, something that would keep my mind occupied. She asked me if there was anything I loved doing; something I was truly passionate about. I left my session, drove to Michaels and spent $68.00 on beads then ordered charms from Amazon and Etsy....I worked on bracelets for hours. It was very therapeutic and I have not stopped since.”

iCandy ArmCandy has produced beautiful fashion charm bracelets for customers across local New Orleans and in the online social media community and just recently landed a feature in the 21st Issue of Shive Magazine. The company prides itself in creating one-of-a kind fashion charm bracelets and plans to expand to a large custom jewelry and accessories brand in the near future with hopes to continue providing charm, passion, and overall quality within the community!

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