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Kara “Kay” Kennedy

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

New Orleans, LA

A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

KinMyo LLC

She is most certainly strong as she builds and uproots to impact her community in a unique, yet assertive way! It calls for a high level of mental and spiritual fortitude, but how about backing all that up with impressive physical strength? Thatʼs one dynamic woman and a powerful force to be reckoned with!

All that comes to mind when you mention Kara “Kay” Kennedy, a native of New Orleans, LA who started her fitness journey a little over six years ago. A healthy lifestyle was something Kara struggled with during childhood. “I grew up a chubby and overweight kid, which had an impact on my self esteem and social life,” she notes. The unease about her health and appearance as a kid was a major motivation to engage in team sports from middle school through her freshman year in college. Fitness became Karaʼs first love and the catalyst that motivated a pursuit toward a degree in Kinesiology.

In 2013, Kara began her career in personal training and group exercise instruction. The goal was to maximize her clientsʼ fitness outcomes by incorporating key techniques and tools she learned in college. She became a certified personal trainer with a specialty in sports conditioning and high-intensity, interval training (HIIT). Karaʼs goal has always been to help as many people achieve the fitness goals they desire and provide that unique quality and expertise to back it!


Kara officially incorporated her personal training business in February 2018 as KinMyo, LLC. She offers an array of courses, including: group training, boot camps, HIIT, nutrition education, and sports conditioning for local high school and collegiate athletes. One of her most noteworthy achievements came earlier this year when she ranked 1st place in the Red Stick Classic Figure Competition in various categories! This accomplishment was an overwhelming victory and truly rewarding for Kara considering the many challenges she faced during her adolescent years. She acknowledges that her passion for fitness goes far beyond her own personal goals. “I have a strong passion to help others struggling with their fitness develop the motivation and ultimately the results to achieve a healthy lifestyle long term,” she says.

Future plans for KinMyo, LLC encompass a state-of-the art private gym and online training courses for members with hopes of expanding nationally. Kara also aspires to create key partnerships with local businesses and corporations to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle in the City of New Orleans and beyond.

Her strength, drive, and passion to positively impact the lives of others is a direct reflection of FUNK DIVA!

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