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Kentrice Schexnayder

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

New Orleans, LA

Visual Artist

Ken 6 Studio LLC


The blank canvas, void of color or life is ignited with a rich essence of imagination and purpose when transformed into a piece of art. The artist fuels its faith with every stroke of her brush and every layer of paint. Oil,acrylic, wax, all

provides the foundation for an eclectic masterpiece. Art is an expression of the soul and with every creation it provides a framework of beautiful imagery that provokes thought and inspiration. It is a profound gift, unique to every master and is something Kentrice Schexnayder was highly aware of at an early age.

Kentrice was bred in the historic 6th Ward New Orleans community internationally known as the Tremeʼ, an area world renowned for its rich architectural design and flourishing Black enterprise. It is also the birthplace of many of the cityʼs legendary musical and literary influencers. As a 6-year-old child, she would trace coloring books and was oftentimes challenged by her peers to improve. She reminisces that her very first drawing was a sketch of Lamb Chop and Mickey Mouse, noting, “Initially I wasnʼt really strong in my drawings, but because of the push to improve I became better with daily practice.”

During adolescence, she recounts secretly sitting through classes drawing on school notebooks at Warren Easton High School (New Orleans, LA) stating, “My mom would fuss at me repeatedly about using my school supplies to draw, but it was something I loved doing because it was therapeutic.” Kentrice consistently studied art

throughout her entire grade school career, knowing that she had a unique passion for it.

After high school, Kentrice decided to pursue higher education in the art field. She obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Fine Arts from the University of New Orleans in 2010 and launched her business, Ken 6 Studio, LLC in 2015 to continue creating fine art and designs. In the interim however, she admits that she commissioned art for eight years prior to the incorporation of the business. The companyʼs logo, as she mentioned, was inspired by a self-portrait piece she created.

Kentrice has made some amazing strides in her art business. In 2018 alone sheʼs had the opportunity to commission custom pieces that have brought high notoriety to her name. She was featured in March, 2018 at the 5th Annual Art Madness Art Festival where she exhibited an eclectic masterpiece entitled “Quing” - a 3x4 ft acrylic and epoxy piece on wood. In July, 2018, she was chosen by Shea Moisture for their #SheaDoesNola campaign at the 2018 Essence Musical Festival where she completed a live acrylic painting which depicted a dynamic image of an African American womanʼs hair permeated with historical roots of other African American women collaborating in their community.

Kentriceʼs most recent noteworthy commission was requested by the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. for the Pride in Our Heritage Tour where she painted a live acrylic portrait before several prominent women including Johnnetta Betsch Cole Ph.D., American anthropologist and educator who was the first black woman President of Spellman College. She was extremely honored to have her work recognized and admired by Cole.

Other featured artwork that has been created by Kentrice includes murals for several locally owned establishments and restaurants, including: We

Dat Chicken & Shrimp, Willieʼs Pizza Joint, Bar Culture Nola and Mad Chef @59th to name a few.

Ken 6 Studio, LLC has leveled up the business now with Ken 6 Custom Visual Arts and Interior/Exterior Paint Company (licensed and insured) which specializes in custom paintings, murals, live paintings, paint parties, prop decorations, custom accent walls, custom backdrops and interior/exterior painting for residential and commercial properties.

What does the Future hold for Ken 6 Studio, LLC? Kentrice passionately lays out her game plan. “Iʼm working towards being in more galleries all over the world, expanding the interior/exterior service of the company to more cities and breaking records as an African American woman artist. My goal is to develop an art school with a creative mentoring program so that I can promote art education as a professor.”

Her creative flare, influence, and passion evokes the essence of Funk Diva!

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