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Lauchon Lewis

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Montclair, NJ

Methodology LLC

Imagine being able to develop a formula that’s safe and eco-friendly but that also accentuates the beauty and natural essence of a diverse group of people...Here we introduce Methodology!

Lauchon Lewis is a proud native of New Orleans, LA but has resided for over eight years in Montclair, NJ. She is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University in Atlanta, GA and a chemist by trade. She has always had a passion for the sciences and had spent a large portion of her life during and outside of college conducting scientific and clinical research. In 2009, she started formulating her own skin and haircare products but officially launched her brand (September 2018) Methodology LLC- a Laboratory focused on safe, fun and eco-friendly cosmetic options.

The motivation behind Methodology all came down to elevating the awareness and knowledgeable of society in reference to keeping the environment safe. According to Lauchon, “ Many people are not aware of all the hazards and potential hazards they are expose to on a daily bases...I know firsthand of the environmental challenges we all face so being reminded of all this plus having a burning desire to help people on this level, I turned from thinking that I had a calling to be a physician to using my chemistry and research skills to develop safe cosmetic formulas that can benefit all.”

Methodology also partners with their sister company DIYMethodology, which has a brick and mortar location and online store where customers are allowed to order and customized their own cosmetic regimen using quality, safe and fun ingredients. Nearly 100% of the products at Methodology are made of plant base materials. Some of their notable products include those for muscle pain, eczema, dry skin, alopecia, hair growth, hair breakage, hair restoration and repair and the list goes on. The goal is to continue producing quality, healthy alternatives for the community.



BS: What famous leaders or companies are you inspired by?

LL: Proctor and Gamble (P&G), Johnson & Johnson and Unilever but many compare Methodology to LUSH!

BS: How has Methodology been recognized in the community? What doxes the future hold for the brand?

LL: Methodology is not my first business. I founded a non-profit in Atlanta, GA in 2010 named Heaven's Heart Foundation. Heaven's Heart was a non-profit that was centered around youth. Our focus was to create environments that was catered to being a kid without any other outside interferences.  Methodology currently has an initiative collaborating with the school systems teaching youths in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics all the Beauty S.T.E.M holds. The initiatIve is called WE S.T.E.M from Beauty. We talk about formulas, chemicals, preservatives, conversions, machinery, aseptic techniques etc. in hopes to help students find the creativity in S.T.E.M and to guide them to a path of innovation in their craft. We are working on a green initiative where we go into the communities educating on how they can dispose of the cosmetics containers and recycling, along with clean beaches and parks. Methodology‘s goal is to plant 1000 trees and herbal plants by the year 2021.

BS: What is one of your most memorable customer testimonies? 

LL: When someone told me they didn't like my products and in the next month they were begging me for more! They were hooked. lol

BB: What challenges have you faced in pursuit of building your brand? 

LL: Funding, I think for all small business funding is a beginning challenge but we see that as a minor obstacle. The people want an alternative and we are here to give it! Methodology future is to become an American Multinational Corporation.

Lauchon is indeed making great strides with Methodology and plans to continue expanding and developing innovative products that cater to all skin types, genders, races and ethnicities.

For more info on Lauchon and her brand, visit her on Instagram: DIYMethdology and which includes links to her website and more!

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