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Makeba Jones-Campbell

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Chicago, IL/New Orleans, LA

Pharmacist/Jewelry Designer/CEO

StringMeUp Designs

Makeba Jones-Campbell

The definition of Funk Diva with fashionista on top; she’s a vibrant spirit and a woman

of virtue, peerless style and class! Undoubtedly, Dr. Makeba Yetunde Jones-Campbell has it covered when it comes to setting the tone in originality! As a wife, mother of three, pharmacist and CEO of StringMeUp Designs, she consistently showcases her unique talents in every sector.

Dr. Makeba was raised in the suburbs of “Chi-Town” ( Chicago, IL) with deep southern roots. She spent over 25 years in New Orleans, LA where she’s had a profound influence in the gospel music scene, pharmacy, creative design, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and more! As a teen she always had an authentic style and took great pride in creating her own trend in clothing and jewelry. Her sense of fashion was bonafide however she acknowledged, “l’ve always been inspired by designers that weren’t afraid to step outside the box”. The idea to start StringMeUp Designs as a custom hand-beaded jewelry company was sparked by that bold principle and she decided to formalize the business following a “Girls Day Out” beading class she attended. Since then, the company has been in business over 5 years and counting!


Q & A

BS: What is the motivation behind your brand?

MJ: I'm motivated because I believe StringMeUp Designs is a piece of my purpose. However, my kids are a huge part of my drive because I want to be their inspiration and my deepest desire is to leave a strong legacy that they can continue to grow.

BS:What challenges have you faced while in business?

MJ: My biggest challenge is finding a balance between business ,work and home.

BS: What does the future hold for the brand?

MJ: As I look back over the years, my business has grown in ways I didn’t imagine. I honestly want to continue to touch people with my unique me there’s a lot more to come.

Dr. Makeba has established a strong clientele while creating personalized pieces for artists like Doug E. Fresh, Jj Hairston, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Comedian Marvin Hunter and many more! She specializes in custom hand-beaded “stacked” bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for all genders and age groups.

Funk Divas are originators! They build and innovate in a very distinguished fashion to impact their communities and Dr. Makeba definitely exemplifies the essence!

Follow: @stringmeupdesigns on Instagram

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