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Michelle Marie Hubbard

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

New Orleans, LA Pastor and Spiritual Leader Word of Life Christian Teaching Ministries

FUNK DIVA-She stands on a strong foundation as she builds and uproots to impact her community in a very unique, yet assertive way! Itʼs all a part of her purpose and nothing is accomplished without FAITH! The importance of spiritual guidance is oftentimes overlooked in this millennial era. Itʼs more prevailing to follow the latest social media icon, Hollywood film star, millionaire and/or elite political influencer, but when asked to lead or even follow ministry many tend to flee.

The latter didnʼt apply for Pastor Michelle M. Hubbard who accepted her call to ministry at an early age. She spent many years being educated by both parents & grandparents and also in the pews of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in the lower ninth ward community of New Orleans, LA.

Singing in the church chorus was a delight for Pastor Hubbard but nothing compared to bible study and Sunday school. “Sunday School was what fascinated me. I used to study the lessons with my grandfather. He had a way of making the Bible come alive and I loved it,” she notes. This childhood foundation sparked into Pastor Hubbard leading in many areas of ministry including vacation bible school, church secretary, and later assisting in the development of a ministry following her departure from her familyʼs church home.

In 2013, Pastor Hubbard was faced with swift transitions as she attempted to walked away from an inherited ministry.

However, remembering the call on her life she decided to continue on in her purpose and renamed the ministry Word of Life Christian Teaching Ministries stating, “ was Godʼs Word that kept me hanging on to life.” The church has been established now for five years and counting and has not only provided Christian fellowship, but youth and community outreach programs, missions for feeding the homeless and more.



BS: What is the motivation behind your ministry?

MH: I feel driven, compelled to help people discover the good within! When you grow up in certain environments, sometimes you feel inferior, subpar. Feeling that way long enough kills your desire, your passion. I remember feeling that way. But I also remember what it felt like when my mom used to pull music and words out of me! It is indescribable. I have spent most of my time in ministry trying to be that spark for someone else.

BS: What challenges have you faced in ministry?

MH: My biggest challenge is staying focused on my assignment and staying encouraged when I feel like Iʼm not making an impact. Ministry is not always filled with immediate gratification. Many times, I am planting seeds and have to wait patiently for them to take root and break ground. I am constantly called to remember that true success is doing what I was created to do and not what everyone else is doing.

BS: What spiritual leaders have been of great Influence and inspiration to you in ministry?

MH: My mother (Harriet) and grandmother (Geraldine) were the most hands-on in molding the most obvious aspects of my ministry and person-hood, the speaking and singing. My dad Verdall and my grandfather (Cleveland) challenged my mind. They made me study to understand concepts for myself. My greatest ministry influences would be my first pastor, Rev M.H. Littleton and his daughter Minister Virginia Littleton Davis. They pushed me and gave me opportunities to exercise my gifts. Bishop Lionel R. Catchings taught me the art and science of preaching, ministry and finding my own voice. Pastor Cynthia Toney helped me find comfort in my uniqueness and Bishop Leroy Phoenix has helped me pull from it all, all of my experiences to push forward into new territory at higher levels of faith.

BS: What does the future hold for your ministry?

MH: The future is filled with unlimited possibilities. My dream, as overwhelming as it is, is to be a part of the Lower 9th Wardʼs rebirth and restoration! Housing, schools,businesses, museums, the arts, the culture that I grew up surrounded by as a child. I want to see parks and green spaces, thriving families. I nt to leave a rich legacy of community, people helping people. People supporting people. People loving people.

Her leadership, her passion,her commitment, her faith exudes FUNK DIVA!

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