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Pedronia Burrell-Turner

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

New Orleans, LA/Baton Rouge, LA

Educator/Community and Youth Advocate

SPEAR Foundation

Pedronia Burrell Turner (Photo provided by her)

How many times have we heard the statement “Knowledge is Power”? This is the mantra most educators live by. In fact, the late Nelson Mandela affirmed, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” It provides a fundamental framework that grants access to new technologies and advancements, reduces the gap between poverty and wealth, and prevents diseases and epidemics. The role of the educator often trumps the classroom and often times requires a life long commitment to advocacy and humanitarian efforts.

Having an early understanding of this role, Pedronia Burrell-Turner, a native of New Orleans, LA was convinced that becoming an educator was apart of her life purpose. She was first introduced to the dynamics of teaching in the New Orleans Public School System by her mother-a seasoned educator who she mentioned tugged her along to her classroom as a child. This became the catalyst that would spark her future career. She went on to acquire a Bachelors of Arts Degree from Dillard University and landed her first teaching experience in the early 1990s as a music instructor (one of her passions). In 2001, Pedronia completed an Alternative Teaching Certification from Southern University at New Orleans and most recently (2017), obtained a Masters of Arts in Elementary Reading from Grand Canyon University. She recognized early on in her teaching career the disparities in reading & literacy and made a vow to bring each student under her care to advanced levels by coaching other instructors, parents and staff members to also play an integral role in educational efforts.

Pedronia has demonstrated a profound passion for teaching but she has exercised similar duties outside the classroom through her dedicated community service and family advocacy efforts across the country as an active board member of the Sigma Public Education and Research Foundation (SPEAR)-appointed in 2012 by the Founder Corine J. Green. The SPEAR Foundation’s mission is to promote social, civic, cultural, economic, and educational progress for vulnerable or at-risk families and communities. The foundation has directly sponsored initiatives aimed at combating healthcare and financial disparities and consistently provide resources to empower under served women, children and families with skills to foster family preservation and become economically self-sufficient. The latest project of the SPEAR foundation through February 2019 includes a partnership with Sigma Gamma Rho Chapters to supply shoes to kids across the country called Soles for Little Souls.

Pedronia is indeed a FUNK DIVA who’s building a legacy in her community through her commitment to education and advocacy.

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