Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Dr. Bionca W. Shy,

Clinical Pharmacist

Founder of Funk Diva

New Orleans, LA

“Major in a six-figure career “ is what many students believe is the gateway to wealth following college. Most of us were probably under that impression sitting in the classroom but never fully aware that we were already swimming in debt before we ever reached the degree. In late 2018, the Federal Reserve Bank reported that the U.S. collectively had a college bill around $1.5 trillion while over 44 million Americans were sitting in student loan debt.

WWW aka What We Did Wrong!

The facts open up so many reasons why colleges and universities should prepare the student financially and professionally. Acquiring an MD, PharmD, BSN, MPh, etc. is great but can be a recipe for “debt-valley” when you are not financially educated. There’s no required courses in wealth building so you find many college students going from $7/hr work study jobs to $50-250K (cardiac and orthopedic surgery careers can pay up to $500K annually) on average a year then finally check to check as they drown in consumer goods, student loan debt, life expenses and price inflation.

Speaking as a healthcare professional among the many Americans paying back student loan debt, it’s imperative that we shift our focus on preparing students of the future for clear strategies that will place them on a path toward wealth building. Education tailored toward intra-career entrepreneurship options, investments in accumulating assets, real estate and crypto/foreign currencies are some of the new approaches colleges and universities should incorporate into student curriculum to aid in preparation for both professional and financial success!

Funk Diva is a women’s brand aimed at providing a unique platform to encourage, inspire, empower, honor, and shift it’s readers toward purpose-driven pursuits.

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